Issue 0.5 – Read it here

Issue 0.5 is as far as this project got, so here is an online version:

Arts Boutique, Events Square

Now looking for people to be involved with Issue 1

We’re about to get a start on our next issue, the official Issue 1.

So if you would like to be involved, send us some of your work and a little bit about yourself. You/your work must have a connection with UCF/Falmouth or atleast Cornwall in some way.

Send your submissions to

Here And Now & Jam

We have distributed a few copies of Dais Issue 0.5 to Here And Now Gallery and Jam, both in Falmouth town.

How to get hold of the magazine

After much hard work, and many late nights of editing and page-layout designing, Issue 0.5 has finally come back from print and we are now in process of distributing.

Now available in: (Issues are £1 each)
Magma, Covent Garden, London
Magma, Clerkenwell Road, London
Magma, Northern Quarter, Manchester
No Guts No Glory, Fore St, Exeter
Here and Now Gallery, Falmouth
Jam, Falmouth
Level Skate Shop, Falmouth
Arts Boutique, Events Square, Falmouth

If you live on either campus’ at UCF or are in the Falmouth area, you can email us – – and we can get a copy to you.

You can also email us if you would like more information on the magazine, where and how to purchase a copy and how to get involved.

Getting ready for distribution…

Issue 0.5 is here!

Issue 0.5 contains:

An interview with Alex Turvey, a postgraduate Graphic Design student from UCF, who is now one of the leading creatives for Levi’s Craftwork campaign.

A feature on the current move of Dartington students to a newly built campus in Falmouth. Dais took a little road trip up to Totnes to get a feel for what’s being lost from the campus and to talk to students about how they feel towards the move. (Includes an introduction from creative writer, Simon Van Booy.)

A feature on the Cornish Lettering Archive including an interview with UCF’s Graphic Design tutor Andy Neal.

An interview with Rhian McNeff, a second year Textile Design student at UCF.

An interview with Kate Marshall who completed her art foundation at UCF and is now featured on the Saatchi website with a new influence from sexually subversive female artists.

A feature on Urbanomic Falmouth, the publisher of the journal ‘Collapse’ which brings together philosophers, scientists and artists to create new hybrids of thought, including an interview with director Robin McKay.

An interview with Richard Marsden, a postgraduate Photography student from UCF.

An interview with Alan Clarke, a postgraduate Graphic Design student from UCF who designed a set of poster proposals for the 2012 Olympics.

& An interview with photographer Sian Bonell.

(Read the next post for information on how to purchase a magazine.)